OrdiARB bot is now ProbeBot

Ordiarb bot is evolving into ProbeBot after its acquisition by ProbeSats! With crucial infrastructure for growth, starting December 26th, privileged access will be granted only to $Ordiarb holders. Recognized for its marketplace price search, we're thrilled to hand over the reins to them. Token Tax will be decreased soon as well.

For now: $Ordiarb Token is the only means of accessing its exclusive features of ProbeBot. Holders can anticipate dedicated support, ongoing updates, and forthcoming details. Also, an Early access to Probesats.

🎄🎁 Santa's bringing upgrades with more commands and access to more marketplace data. Happy Holidays ❄️☃️🎅🎄 Probe doesn't have a token yet. This token will remain & it's the only way for early access to this bot.